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Simple Knock on The Head or Something More Serious?

Mild traumatic brain injuryEver get knocked on the head while playing a social game of football or doing some simple home repairs? You might be tempted to shrug it off as a harmless blow. No matter how gentle the impact, however, that seemingly benign bump might have caused a mild traumatic brain injury. Such injuries, more commonly known as concussions, can be impossible to detect even with an MRI or CAT scan, making it crucial to know the symptoms.


The symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury do not always appear right away, and often include cognitive problems that can be easily overlooked. If you hit your head, remain vigilant for symptoms that manifest in the hours and days after the initial impact.

Immediate symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, and disorientation. Later, more long-term symptoms can include headaches, temporary or prolonged lapses in memory, and general difficulty with thinking.

Anyone who notices such symptoms after being hit on the head should see a doctor immediately to prevent more lasting and debilitating complications.

Looking for Support?

TryMunity is a social network that supports survivors of brain injury in their everyday life. If you are dealing with a brain injury, know that you’re not alone: At TryMunity, you’ll find stories, advice, encouragement, and inspiration, all from a community of people who understand what living with brain injury is like.