TBI Surviors’ Stories

Providing Hope & Inspiration

Above all else, TryMunity’s mission is to offer inspiration, support, and hope. Below are some stories of experiences that you yourself may be going through at the moment. Whether you’re a survivor, a loved one, a caregiver, a family member, or a friend, we encourage you to share your own story by signing up for our social community.

Mike’s Story

In 2011, Mike was involved in a terrible vehicle accident that ejected from his vehicle, where he landed on his head nearly 40 yards away. This left Mike in a coma, and with a score of only three on the Glasgow Coma Scale, doctors believed Mike’s chances of recovery were bleak. During that time, his family searched online for answers to their questions. While they found plenty of technical information, they were unable to find support from others experiencing the effects of TBI.

As a result, they formed a Facebook page documenting Mike’s road to recovery, and as Mike awoke from his coma and began to speak, eat, and walk again, more individuals affected by TBI joined the page. Over time, Mike himself began to search online for others affected by TBI, but was met with limited resources. As a result, he and his family formed TryMunity, a place where survivors and those affected by TBI can meet to share their experiences and find support.

Mike’s story is TryMunity’s story. Watch his journey on Youtube.

Tim’s Story

As a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, Tim was used to enduring challenges, but nothing prepared him for what he faced after shrapnel caused him to suffer a traumatic brain injury. While recovering from his injury, Tim spent time in a military hospital, where he was surrounded by others like him, but after being sent home, things changed. Tim began to feel isolated and depressed because he wasn’t able to find the support he needed.

Angry, confused, and feeling misunderstood, Tim began a campaign to petition the military to create a supportive recuperation facility where veterans who had suffered from TBI would be able to meet and recover together. During this time, Tim began visiting with other wounded warriors and came to fully recognize the value of support while healing. From there, Tim was able to convince the Marines to open two facilities, including Maxwell Hall, dedicated to serving wounded veterans who had suffered from TBI.

Today, Tim is the President of the SemperMax Support Fund, an organization that assists wounded warriors from across the country with support, understanding, companionship, and more. Tim is a survivor not because of his military training—he is a survivor because he never lost hope and received the support he needed.

Brad’s Story

Growing up, Brad always felt as though he wasn’t good enough. The youngest of his class, he endured bullying and taunting on a regular basis; that changed when his family moved him to a new school. Due to his birthday, he ended up repeating the 3rd grade in his new school, meaning he was older and larger than his classmates. As a result, Brad began to excel athletically and physically. Once the outcast, Brad became popular and outgoing, participating in many social and sporting events, even breaking school sporting records in football and track. At the top of his game, Brad attended prestigious Princeton University, afterwards attending medical school, and even training for the Olympics.

Unfortunately, one evening in 1983 changed Brad’s life forever. Riding in the back seat of a friend’s car, Brad was involved in an accident that ejected him from his vehicle, landing him in the nearby woods in darkness. After searching for an hour, Brad’s father finally found him. Brad was barely breathing; after being transported to a hospital over 100 miles away, Brad lay in a coma for a month.

After spending years recovering and relearning how to live, Brad credits his faith in God and his family for his progress. Today, Brad is able to speak, walk, and eat on his own, and he is even married with two beautiful children.

Once a star athlete, Brad now considers himself to be a star among survivors as he shares his story of struggle and triumph. He is living proof that there is always hope, and that no matter how much life changes, we can always adapt and find joy.

Watch Brad tell his story in his own words.

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