How to Help Your Child Recover From a Concussion

Child Recover From a ConcussionConcussion, also known as a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), is temporary unconsciousness or confusion that is often caused by a blow to the head. Most children with a concussion begin to feel better within a couple of weeks. On the other hand, symptoms for some will last a month or longer. Some signs of a concussion include nausea, vomiting, constant headache or ‘pressure’ in the head and a feeling of dizziness.

What Can You Do to Help Your Child Feel Better After a Concussion?

While children and teenagers usually recover from a concussion within a couple of weeks, it is important to remember that each child is unique and may respond differently after having sustained a concussion. Making short-term changes to your child’s daily activities helps him in getting back to a routine more quickly.

Use your child’s symptoms to guide you during the recovery process. If the symptoms seem to worsen during any activity, try slowing down the process. Since each child is different, the recovery process should be customized according to your child’s symptoms and response to day to day activities.

Concussion Recovery Tips

  • Rest

Rest is imperative for the first few days after your child has sustained a concussion. This prevents the symptoms from getting worse. Have your young one relax at home and get enough sleep. Avoid stressful activities such as playing sports, watching excessive television, using mobile phones for longer durations, playing video games or consuming caffeine in great quantities. Make sure not to let your teen drive as well.

  • Light Activity

After a few days, as your child begins to feel better, you can gradually introduce non-strenuous activities in his schedule. You can let your kid go for short walks, or even try sending him to school. However, you must avoid activities such as playing sports or listening to loud music. If symptoms worsen during any of the non-strenuous activities, cut back and let your child rest. Maintain a proper sleeping schedule to ensure your child gets ample sleep.

  • Increasing Activity Levels

When symptoms are nearly gone, you can let your child get back to most of his regular activities. He can return to a regular school schedule, including school work. If you have a teen, he can start driving like before. Television and other screen time may not be restricted strictly as well. However, you still must avoid activities such as sports that may cause another head injury. If your child’s symptoms worsen with any activity, slow down the process.

  • When to Return to Regular Activities

When all the symptoms of the concussion are gone, your child can return to all of his or her regular activities. For sports, you must get in touch with your doctor to seek approval.

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