Our TBI Social Networt & Community

Share with Others Affected by Traumatic Brain Injury

While TryMunity offers a number TBI awareness services and promotes and contributes to research, at the heart of our foundation is our social community. TryMunity was founded on the very fact that no one social network existed for people affected by brain injuries, and so we’ve created this site for just that! Here, you’ll find real people who are ready to share in your experience. Whether you’re a survivor, a caregiver, a friend, a family member, or a loved one affected by brain injury, you’re always welcome at TryMunity.

Offering Hope & Inspiration

Life after a brain injury is can come with unique challenges, and we believe that a support network is the best medicine. The goal of our social community is to give you a chance to learn from the experiences of others while receiving hope, inspiration, and support. It is home to thousands of people who understand what you’re going through, and who are ready to offer compassionate, caring advice for your questions.

Our community is free to join, and we encourage you to involve your friends and family as well.

Your Experience is Unique

Our members come from all walks of life, and just like you, they never expected to find themselves affected by brain injuries. Some of our members have also lost loved ones to TBI, and their personal stories have already helped so many through often difficult and stressful times in their lives. No matter your specific situation, our members are always ready to listen and offer their support.

Additionally, TryMunity is a safe and caring place for families who are facing tough decisions regarding medical care. We want you to be as informed as possible when it comes to making healthcare choices for yourself or a loved one.

It’s About Understanding

Above all else, TryMunity is about being understood. Although traumatic brain injuries occur nearly 1.7 million times a year, TBI does not get the media coverage it deserves. This can make sharing your experiences with others difficult, and many of our members have found that many people simply don’t understand what they’re going through. But at TryMunity, we provide a welcoming environment where you can find the understanding you need and deserve.

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