TryMunity’s Story

Hope from Tragedy

Like many stories involving traumatic brain injury, TryMunity’s story began with tragedy but blossomed into hope. On May 21, 2011, Mike Black was involved in a terrible traffic accident that ejected him 40 feet from his vehicle, where he landed on his head. This ultimately put Mike into a coma, and his prognosis was grim. Scoring only a three on the Glasgow coma scale, it was believed that Mike would never recover.

Searching for Answers

During this time, Mike’s family, understandably confused and frightened by this life-changing event, turned to the Internet for answers from people who had been affected by traumatic brain injuries. While they found plenty of technical information regarding TBI, what they weren’t able to find were personal stories and connections with others in their situation.

Turning to Social Media

As a result, Mike’s family created a Facebook page to share Mike’s journey and progress and to reach out to others regarding their experiences. Over time, more and more people who had been affected by TBI found the page and shared their stories of hope and inspiration. Meanwhile, Mike began to make amazing strides in recovery, relearning how to eat, walk, and speak.

Dealing with Adversity

During Mike’s recovery, his family was hit with an unfortunate surprise—Mike’s insurance had run out, leaving the future of his recovery uncertain. Thankfully, Mike was accepted into a scholarship program with Pate Rehabilitation, located in Anna, Texas, and through this program, he was able to continue his journey of recovery.

TryMunity is Born

Around this time, Mike also began searching for others online with whom he could discuss his experience. While he was able to find a number of resources, there was no one single place to connect with others. As a result, TryMunity was created to offer those affected by traumatic brain injury a welcoming home to interact with others.

Today, Mike and his family continue to spread their message of hope and support to all survivors and their families. TryMunity’s motto is, “You never fail until you stop TRYing,” and Mike and his family encourage all visitors to TryMunity to live by this motto each and every day.

Get Involved

To get involved, simply sign up for a free account and begin exploring our social community. We want you to get hope and support from our members and resources, and we want you to share your story.

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