Understanding Brain Injury

Dealing with Unexpected Life Changes

Brain injury is a silent epidemic. Each year, nearly 1.7 million people are affected by brain injuries, yet very few media outlets focus on these numbers. While cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other health concerns seem to get all of the press, brain injuries have caused over five million people to live with lifelong disabilities. With numbers like these, you would think that brain injuries would receive more coverage and that there would be more awareness efforts, but sadly, there are not.

But that’s where TryMunity comes in. We provide online support for people who have suffered from brain injuries and other life-changing events. Survivors, family members, loved ones, and even medical professionals share their stories of hope, inspiration, and overcoming adversity on our TBI community every day.

You can learn more about the types of brain injury by visiting the following pages:

Each Case is Unique

No two brain injuries are alike, which important to keep this in mind when trying to deal with unexpected life changes. Survivors and their families are encouraged to browse through the many resources found throughout our website to find answers to questions and receive support.

For Survivors

You may feel overwhelmed at the moment, but as we know, this will pass. After surviving a brain injury, you will likely have to make some life changes, including learning how to explain your injury to others. Not everyone will be able to understand where you’re coming from, and many will have questions for you. In order to help you answer these questions and questions of your own, please see our FAQ.

For Family Members

When someone suffers a brain injury, it affects everyone around them. Family members, friends, and loved ones will often need to learn how to adjust in order to help, and this can take time. No matter how serious the brain injury is, it’s very important for you to not only be strong for your injured loved one, but to reach out and ask for help.

At TryMunity, we’re here to offer you support, advice, educational resources, and more, and we encourage you to view our FAQ and join our social community.