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Seven Signs of a Concussion

ConcussionsSigns of a Concussion are a very serious issue that can have a number of harmful short-term and long-term effects. At TryMunity, we want you to be able to recognize the signs of a concussion as soon as possible, as it is very important that certain steps are taken in the aftermath of a serious injury. Obviously, it is very important to seek medical care in order to determine the extent of the injury, and it is easy to know when to go to a doctor if you recognize the signs:

  1. Temporary Loss of Consciousness – If a trauma to the head results in a temporary loss of consciousness, however brief, then it is very likely that the trauma has caused a concussion. If the trauma occurred during a sporting event or other activity, these are also signs of a concussion and the person affected should immediately cease that activity and seek medical care.
  1. Feeling Confused or Disoriented – Following a concussion, it is very common for the injured person to report feeling confused or disoriented. This is sometimes hard for others to observe, so it is important to pay very close attention to an individual who may have suffered a blow to the head.
  1. Nausea and Vomiting – In some cases, a concussion may include nausea and even vomiting. The presence of these symptoms, along with any others, should cause concern.
  1. Delayed Response to Questions – Measuring the response time to a set of questions is one of the more common tests. If there is a delay, it may be due to a concussion.
  1. Mental or Physical Fatigue – In the aftermath of an injury, the sufferer may report feeling physically or mentally tired. This is yet another common symptom of a concussion.
  1. Headaches or Pressure – One of the more obvious signs of a concussion is experiencing headaches or the feeling of pressure. If these symptoms arise following a head injury, it may be due to a concussion.
  1. Light and Noise Sensitivity – Many head injury patients experience delayed symptoms, one of which is sensitivity to light and noise.

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