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Three Familiar Acquired Brain Injury Symptoms

WhenAcquired Brain Injury an individual experiences an acquired brain injury, there are many things that you should be aware of with regard to the symptoms. At TryMunity, we want you to recognize that the most familiar acquired brain injury symptoms. We recognize that the following symptoms often result in changes that make life difficult for everyone involved. With the support of our community, we hope that you can benefit from the experiences of others who have dealt with similar issues.

As for acquired brain injury symptoms, it is important to recognize that all traumatic brain injuries are considered acquired brain injuries, so the symptoms that are present may vary widely from person to person.

Personality Changes

In many cases, one of the more readily apparent symptoms is a change in personality. These changes may be slight and may not even be perceptible to most, but close friends and family members often see that clear mental changes have taken place. This may be the direct result of the brain injury, or it may simply arise as a result of the changes to the individual’s other functions.

Increased Mental and Physical Fatigue

A great deal of those who suffer from an acquired brain injury, or ABI, will experience increased mental or physical fatigue. This may result in changes to their attention span and their ability to complete certain tasks that may have been easy before the onset of the injury and the associated acquired brain injury symptoms.

Reduced Speed in Processing Information

One of the other symptoms associated with an acquired brain injury is a reduced ability to process information. This may mean that it simply takes longer to process the information, or it may be that a great deal of information seems overwhelming.

If you know someone who is dealing with these symptoms and you would like the support of the TryMunity community, please feel free to join us so that we can offer whatever help we can.