Methods for Overcoming Daily Struggles With a Traumatic Brain Injury

Everyday life as a survivor of a traumatic brain injury can be challenging. The injury can cause physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems, and simple daily tasks can suddenly seem impossible to accomplish.

However, with time and training, TBI survivors can steadily recover and find ways to handle their new situation. Here are a few steps they can take to make their lives easier on a day-to-day basis.

  • Stay on top of their medications. Many survivors are prescribed diuretics, anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, and other medications. It is vital that people with TBIs take them as prescribed to prevent further damage and help with their recovery process.
  • Keep up with a consistent routine. A steady schedule can help TBI survivors feel more in control of their day and decrease their confusion.
  • Write things down to avoid forgetting them. Most people with traumatic brain injuries struggle with memory problems, so it’s best for them to record important notes as they think of them. This will minimize the stress of trying to remember things and help them stay on top of their daily tasks.
  • Minimize outside distractions. Loud music, television, lights, and other stimulants can cause TBI survivors to feel unfocused or overwhelmed. Try to keep things calm to soothe their brain and make concentrating easier.
  • Join a support group. People with traumatic brain injuries need to have a place where they can discuss their struggles and ask questions. The other members might be able to suggest coping strategies, and they can even help survivors form new friendships that provide emotional support.

If you’re interested in finding a support network, consider joining the non-profit organization called TryMunity. Their online social community works to increase awareness about TBIs while offering support and advice to survivors and their families. By joining, you’ll be able to meet people going through the same situations and share your story with others. To learn more or sign up, visit