Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Heal Itself?

How to heal a traumatic brain injury.

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Every year, more than 1.5 million people suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). These types of injuries have a wide range of symptoms, including concussions, fatigue, blurred vision, dizziness, and loss of motor skills. Recognizing the symptoms, seeking treatment, and getting the necessary support can be crucial during the rehabilitation process.

TBIs Caused by Accidents

A TBI occurs every 16 seconds. There are currently more than five million people who are living with new disabilities as a direct result of their TBI. With these statistics in mind, it is important to note that while TBIs can occur at any time, they can also have a wide variety of impacts. A mild TBI heals on its own with the right rehabilitation process, rest, and support. However, a severe TBI might take longer to heal, or leave an individual with a lifelong disability.

Research shows that falls cause more than 35 percent of TBI cases each year. 17 percent of TBI cases are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Repetitive trauma, such as injuries caused during contact sports, make up an additional 16 percent of TBI cases. Unfortunately, many TBIs are not reported, which is why individuals should take the time needed better understand both the causes and symptoms of these commonly occurring brain injuries.

What Are the Symptoms of a TBI?

It is important to note that TBI symptoms will vary on a case-by-case basis. However, there are a few key commonalities and symptoms that victims might experience when they suffer from a mild traumatic brain injury. These symptoms include blurred vision, long-lasting headaches, bouts of lightheadedness, dizziness, and blurred vision. In severe cases, victims may suffer from long-term symptoms such as memory loss, impaired speech, or difficulty with certain cognitive functions. Other possible symptoms include loss of motor functions and, in severe cases, death. In short, the symptoms and ability to fully recover from a TBI will depend on the individual and the extent of the injury.

Finding Rehabilitation and Hope for TBI Survivors

The TryMunity community is dedicated to helping TBI survivors, their families, and their friends. We recognize that traumatic brain injuries can happen to anyone from any walk of life, which is why our online community is dedicated to spreading hope, offering resources, and raising awareness of the difficulties associated with a TBI. Whether you are a survivor, caregiver, or family member of a TBI patient, we invite you to reach out to our TryMunity members. As you begin to process your diagnosis or help a TBI survivor cope, we encourage you to read our FAQs on brain injuries, share your story, and receive the support that you need to heal. To learn more and discover the path toward healing, join our supportive community at