What Do You Know about Concussions?

Symptoms of Brain InjurySuffering a concussion – rightly or wrongly, most people don’t worry too much if they hear that phrase, to them, it means that the person has had ‘a bit of a knock to the head’. And surely, that really isn’t that serious?

What is a Concussion

Simply put, a concussion is an injury where the brain suffers trauma from contact with the skull, that impact disrupting normal brain function. It can occur from quite a simple knock to head – a cupboard door for instance, or with something more serious – car accident. Different levels of trauma dictate different worries, but on the whole, rest is a good starting point for recovery.

Repeated Trauma

The consequences of repeated trauma are much greater, although it still may only be a bump on the head, the damage caused increases exponentially with each trauma. Conditions can be mild but sustained; cognitive and psychiatric changes are frequent as well as neurodegeneration – all things that you really want to avoid.

Future Problems

While still not a definite guarantee, studies have shown that people who have suffered from a moderate traumatic brain injury in their earlier life are more susceptible to conditions such as Alzheimer’s in their later life, in some studies, that risk factor can be 2.4 times more likely, a severe traumatic brain injury has been shown to be 4.5 times more likely.

Professional Help

If you have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, it is worth taking medical advice and / or seeing a physician. Don’t take the risk – you only get one brain, and there are no transplants – no matter how wealthy you are.

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