What Are My Medical Rights After the TBI?

What Are My Medical Rights After the TBI?If you have suffered a TBI, you may be wondering what your medical rights are. Do you have the ability to choose how and when you will have medical intervention and therapy? The answer depends on the severity of your TBI, any power of attorney you have given, and who you have given it to. TryMunity is happy to share with you the information and resources you need to make informed decisions regarding your health.

Severity of the TBI

If a person has suffered a severe TBI, they may lack the mental capacity to make medical decisions for themselves. This does not mean that they lose that right forever, but until they have the mental capacity to understand the weight and consequences of their actions, a representative will make those medical decisions for them. The representative is typically named in a power of attorney form that a person has attached to their estate plan. If they do not have an estate plan, it is often the parent or spouse that is named as the representative.

Talk With Your Doctors

If you have questions about why you would need a particular medical intervention or therapy, your doctor is a fantastic resource. Just because a doctor orders a test or therapy does not mean you are required to take it. However, it is important that doctors and specialists are looking out for your best interest. They will offer you every resource they can to help you recover.

Speak Up

If you feel as though your medical rights are being violated either due to the medical care you are receiving or any abuse by your representative, speak up. Social workers, hospital staff, and your family may be able to help.

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