Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms to Watch For

Traumatic Brain Injury SymptomsA traumatic brain injury can have a wide range of physical and psychological effects. At TryMunity, we recommend watching out for these traumatic brain injury symptoms if you were recently injured in an accident where you suffered a severe bump or blow to the head.

Common Symptoms

It is important to keep in mind that traumatic brain injury symptoms vary by person and situation. However, some of the common symptoms of this type of injury include:

  • Loss of consciousness, either for a few seconds or several minutes at a time
  • Consistent headaches and issues with memory and concentration
  • Dizziness, trouble with balance, and regular nausea or vomiting
  • Sensory issues, like blurred vision, having a bad taste in the mouth, or consistent ringing in the ears
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, and unexpected mood changes
  • Trouble sleeping or wanting to sleep more than normal

These traumatic brain injury symptoms are just a few of the issues an accident victim may suffer from following an injury to the head. In many cases, these symptoms do not occur until several hours after the accident and may even not be noticeable until a few days have passed. However, some accident victims may find that they do not experience the symptoms of a brain injury or a concussion at all.

When to See a Doctor

After a head injury, immediate medical attention should be received and the accident victim should be closely monitored thereafter. In cases where the symptoms of a head injury do not manifest themselves for several days, medical care should be sought soon thereafter, especially when changes in normal behavior are present.

At TryMunity, we realize that dealing with the effects of a traumatic brain injury can be difficult. We encourage you to join our community today to receive the support you need to make progress towards living a better quality of life once again.