Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports & the Precautions You Can Take

Sadly, more and more scientific evidence is indicating that traumatic brain injury is all too common amongst young athletes. High schoolers, middle schoolers, and even players in elementary school are sometimes experiencing a serious aftermath from the rough-and-tumble in sports. A blow to the head incurred during a game might not seem life-changing at first, but can sometimes lead to dangerous health concerns.

If your child plays sports and is in danger of incurring a traumatic brain injury, here are some steps you can take towards protecting their mind and body.

  1. Make sure that they are being trained properly. Every coach should be educating their players about the dangers of concussion and brain injury, so that they can better protect themselves and fellow athletes. They should also know how to recognize the signs of a serious injury so that they can call for medical attention if necessary.
  2. Give them access to good equipment. In sports like football, proper gear is 100 percent required. The full-contact aspect of the sport means that players are in constant danger of concussion and other injuries, so make sure that their headgear (helmets) and other protective equipment is kept up to par.
  3. Help them strengthen their necks. This may sound strange, but if it helps minimize the risk of a serious injury, it’s worth the effort. Here are some simple exercises that will reduce the amount of stress placed on the spine and skull.
  4. Monitor the players closely after a collision. Whenever an athlete strikes their head, don’t brush it off as a mere bump. Watch for signs of a serious concussion, and know when to seek help from an emergency room.

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