Transitional Housing: A Step Towards Independence After TBI

Educating others about TBIFor many survivors of traumatic brain injuries, specialized programs and treatment facilities are integral. It’s important find a supported living program that offers TBI survivors a safe, home-like environment and a supportive community. In addition, it’s important for TBI survivors to be in an atmosphere in which they can receive the utmost medical care, and are able to continue to develop motor, behavioral, and cognitive skills at their own pace. This is utterly critical.

Transitional housing for TBI survivors is incredibly important – survivors are often not able to simply transition from the hospital to living at home again. Most home and family settings are not designed to be conducive to TBI survivors – the brain injury patient requires certain mobility, medical, and safety standards. It is for this reason that transitional housing should be secured for any brain injury survivor.

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Here at TryMunity, our primary mission is to promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of individuals who have experienced a brain injury. We believe in creating home-like, safe, supportive environments for survivors of TBIs, so that survivors are able to safely transition back into regular life. We strive to enable independence and productivity within the TBI community, particularly in the days after survivors make the transition from the hospital to a home.

Do you have further questions about transitional housing for TBI survivors? Don’t hesitate to contact TryMunity. Here at TryMunity, we provide a vast, comprehensive web of resources for just that! We also have several support systems for those afflicted with a traumatic brain injury, or who know of someone who is. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! Join the TryMunity community today, and take advantage of all that we offer. We’re always happy to speak with you, and offer our assistance.