Top Three Benefits of Joining a TBI Support Group

When either you or a loved one is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, it is incredibly isolating. You may feel asTop Five Benefits of Joining a TBI Support Group though other people don’t understand what you are going through, and you are probably tired of explaining the diagnosis and what it means. Whether you are looking for information or support, a TBI support group is a great resource. Here are a few benefits of joining a support group, like TryMunity.

1. Sharing Information

Thankfully, there is a lot of research going on currently and information is coming out at an alarming rate. It can be hard to seek out all the most current treatment and research. A support group has the benefit of several members working hard to research and disseminate the information for fellow members.

2. Empathy and Support

There are many members in a support group, all at different stages in their recovery. There may be some people who will never fully recover and those who have made stunning progress despite the worst prognosis. Read stories of those who were in your shoes and overcame adversity. Support those who are going through a difficult time and you will find that it is very beneficial in your own journey.

3. Providing Resources

Many non-profits have links to possible financial or treatment resources that you wouldn’t be able to find easily. They can point you in the direction of how to get certain therapies or medications covered, or how to file for disability. Some organizations can help you to obtain legal help or connect you with a social worker. These are all great resources you can get with a TBI support group.

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