Top 5 Myths About TBIs

brain injury supportIf you or someone you love has been afflicted with a traumatic brain injury (or, TBI), then you know: there are several poorly-informed myths surrounding this type of injury. Here are the top 5:

  • If a person looks okay after he or she has been impaired, they must be okay. Wrong! It is very possible for a person who has just sustained a TBI to be walking around and talking to people, without realizing the extent of their injuries.
  • Mild TBIs are not very debilitating. Even those people who have mild TBIs may experience severe or long-lasting consequences, that run the gamut from physical symptoms to psychological consequences.
  • Recovery is a linear process. Not at all – recovery can be very messy, inconsistent, and those with TBIs may feel better or worse at different times throughout the recovery period. Recovery from a TBI does not follow a neat pattern. There is no timeframe or limit; each person’s recovery looks quite different. It’s true!
  • TBI’s only happen when someone gets knocked unconscious. Nope! Some people with TBI’s are only dazed for a few minutes or two, but they never get knocked unconscious.
  • Your IQ is affected by your traumatic brain injury. Wrong again – your IQ level is certainly not automatically affected by your TBI.

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