Top 4 Ways to Challenge Your TBI

Top 5 Ways to Challenge Your TBIWhen you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may feel overwhelmed with everything there is to do. Your recovery may be long and challenging with a lot of therapy involved. Even though you are completely exhausted, it is still important to test your limits. Pushing yourself can help you recover quickly from your TBI. Here are a few ways in which you can challenge your injury and take back control.

1. Use Memory Games

There are many games and apps you can download that can help you with word association and memory. Some favorite games include: Sudoku, Go Fish, Solitaire, and Tetris. There are also smartphone applications like Lumosity that provide great memory exercises. Check with your doctor for more recommendations.

2. TBI Recovery Software

There are specific applications that are created for TBI recovery that you may find helpful. These include Therappy, an app that specializes in different areas of cognition for patients recovering from TBI. Ask your therapist about discounts or ways to obtain this software to help your recovery.

3. Try New Things

While having a TBI can be isolating, it is important that you get out and try new things. If you haven’t been to a particular location since you were injured, get out there and face those fears. Doing things out of your comfort level can help you build confidence and continue improving.

4. Connect with Others

If you find yourself feeling alone in your struggle, it can be helpful to connect with others who are going through a similar situation. Meet people online through TryMunity that are also going through TBI challenges. Share what has worked and helped you through your journey.

If you would like more information on TBI and therapy options, join the TryMunity community today. You don’t have to go through this alone.