Tips for Increasing Brain Injury Awareness in Your Community

How to Find TBI Groups in Your CommunityTraumatic brain injuries are a serious health concern. When such a large percentage of the population is affected with something so life-altering, it’s time to increase awareness in your community. Here are some of the best ways to spread TBI education, within your personal community:

Do Research Yourself. Educating yourself on the intricacies of traumatic brain injuries is an important first step. There are so many excellent TBI resources out there – here at TryMunity, we’ve included in-depth information on both traumatic and acquired brain injuries, as well as concussions.

Talk to TBI Survivors. Talking to TBI survivors on a personal level is crucial. This is the only way to gain an understanding of just how much brain injuries can affect people – including the people that we love. Talking to someone who’s experienced a TBI will help provide invaluable insight into this health issue, and will likely give you a more nuanced, empathic overall perspective of brain injuries.

Give Back. Donate to TBI causes, or volunteer your time with a reputable TBI organization. You could also donate to TryMunity today – your support will go towards raising awareness of this issue, and providing important support for families dealing with TBI.

Join the TryMunity Community – We’re Here for You!

Do you have further questions about how to increase brain injury awareness within your personal community? Don’t hesitate to contact TryMunity. Here at TryMunity, we provide a vast, comprehensive web of resources for just that! We also have several support systems for those afflicted with a traumatic brain injury, or who know of someone who is. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! Join the TryMunity community today, and take advantage of all that we offer. We’re always happy to speak with you, and offer our assistance. We look forward to telling you more!