Three Things to Know About Concussions

ConcussionsThere are many myths and truths about concussions out there. At TryMunity, we want to separate fact from fiction to keep you and your loved ones safe. There are three things everyone should know about brain injuries. These fast facts can do more than promote good health. They can save your life.

Truth #1: You Can Die From a Concussion

Taking a nap after bumping your head can be the worst thing to do. Instead of trying to rest up, seek emergency medical attention if you experience fatigue, vomiting, or confusion after a seemingly minor head injury. Slip-and-fall accidents can be a more serious problem than many people think. Going to the emergency room promptly can save your life. In a best-case scenario, a quick emergency room visit can give you an accurate diagnosis and peace of mind.

Truth #2: Helmets Help to an Extent

Basic head safety measures such as helmets can help during a fall. However, substantial accidents that may result in concussions require emergency medical attention. In a common scenario, motorcycle riders can be alive after accidents, thanks to helmets. A lesser-known concern happens when the impacts from falls are too substantial for helmets to fully protect riders. The brain can hit the front and back of the skull, which can cause swelling, bleeding and other problems that should be addressed right away.

Truth #3: People Often Feel Better Before They Are

It is important to follow your doctor’s orders after being diagnosed with a concussion in order to stay safe and heal properly. Lying in bed when you think you feel fine or missing an athletic event can be frustrating. However, it’s better to miss out once and heal properly the first time. Multiple concussions can cause substantial damage. Make sure you have a doctor’s clearance to participate in all of the activities you want to after a concussion.

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