The Internet as a Resource for TBI Patients and Their Families

The Internet as a Resource for TBI Patients and Their FamiliesThe Internet is an excellent resource for a wide range of medical information, including traumatic brain injury. There is a wealth of information, personal stories, and more that TBI patients and families can utilize. While it can be a very important tool, it is important to take the information online with a grain of salt and always double check information with your treating physician.

Non-Medical Information Can Be Misleading

Patient stories and experiences can be inspiring and provide hope. One important thing to remember is that every patient can be different. Every situation has its own characteristics and circumstances that can impact patient outcome. While you can look to stories of other TBI patients for support, you should not take any stories as medical advice. The only person who can provide accurate medical advice is your doctor.

Don’t Give Medical Advice

Families that have been through a traumatic brain injury are well versed in medical treatments, symptoms, and prognosis of TBI. While families are no doubt a wealth of information, it is crucial that you do not provide medical advice to anyone else. Only a doctor can provide medical advice. Uneducated medical advice can be harmful at best and deadly at its worst.

Look at the Source

For accurate and correct information, you will want to check the source of where it is coming from. There are many people out there looking to scam families suffering from medical conditions. If someone is providing you with information about a new therapy or medication, check the legitimacy of the source. Always discuss any new treatment options with your doctor first.

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