The Impact of a Concussion Is Far-Reaching

ConcussionUnfortunately, it is only recently that the true extent of the effects of a concussion is beginning to be understood by our society as a whole. It happens far too often that an individual who has suffered from a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is not treated swiftly enough or properly. In these instances, the individual will face consequences that are far more severe than if he or she had simply been treated properly from the outset. This is why education is so important, as people must understand how far-reaching the implications of an injury of this nature can be. At Trymunity, we are trying to both educate and support.

Family and Friends Need Education

In the wake of a concussion, there are very specific guidelines that should be followed in order to minimize the potential damage of the injury:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible
  • Rest and recover by avoiding physical activities, especially those that may result in contact to the head
  • Understand that each injury is unique, and some individuals will need more recovery time than others
  • Return to physical activity only after being cleared by a doctor to do so

The Value of Support

As more research is conducted and more is learned about the nature of a concussion every day, it is especially important to be a part of a community that is knowledgeable and can offer support to you during a trying time. We urge you to become an active part of our community, Trymunity, by visiting our community webpage. There you can learn more about the nature of these injuries and contribute your knowledge and experiences as well.