The Differences Between a TBI and an ABI

The Differences Between a TBI and an ABIWhen you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a brain injury, you will likely spend hours on the Internet researching the condition. It is easy to get confused when there are so many different types of brain injuries. The two main ones are a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and an acquired brain injury (ABI). These two injuries couldn’t be more different. It is important to know the differences to know truly the prognosis and treatment options available.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is one that is caused by an outside force and occurs after birth. This can be caused by a fall, car accident, assault, or hitting your head in some degree.

Acquired Brain Injury

An acquired brain injury covers a vast range of causes. Some of the most common causes of acquired brain injury include stroke or lack of oxygen at birth.

Other Brain Injuries

There are some types of injuries the brain that doesn’t fall under TBI or ABI. These include progressive types of brain damage caused by diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, progressive Parkinson’s, or metabolic diseases.

Different Treatment Approaches

Whether you have a TBI, ABI, or another type of brain injury will dictate your treatment options. Each of these types has differing degrees and levels of severity that may have wildly different long-term consequences. It is best to talk with your doctors and specialists for any specific information that you require for your particular brain injury.

Educate Yourself

By reading articles like this one, you are on the right track for approaching the healing process after a TBI or ABI. Build your support system, read articles and information, and take the time to process. You have options and support!

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