The CDC on Traumatic Brain Injuries: Education Courses for All

The CDC on Traumatic Brain Injuries: Education Courses For AllWhile traumatic brain injuries occur frequently, many people don’t know much about the symptoms or consequences of having a TBI. Thankfully, the CDC has taken the lead by providing several online courses, extensive information, and resources for those injured and their families. The courses are aimed to provide leaders and guardians in the community with the tools they need to prevent and identify TBIs, so the proper treatment can be administered. TryMunity is always excited to share how family, friends, and people dealing with TBIs can learn more about the condition. Check out their free “HEADS UP” online training courses for more information.

Who Are the Courses For?

The CDC has created several different courses for those who play a key role in an injured person’s life. They aim to provide these people with training, information, and education to be able to quickly identify the problem and get treatment for TBI. The online training programs include…

Guides and Basics

Sometimes you want to start out with the most basic information before taking a HEADS UP course. The CDC also provides information for adults and children with TBIs. You can also read the report to Congress regarding rehabilitation and recommendations for changing health care to better deal with TBIs.

If you have questions regarding any of the CDC’s traumatic brain injury programs, join the TryMunity community. We are happy to help point you in the direction of other sources of information.