Supervision Might Prevent a Baby Head Injury

Baby Head InjuryAt TryMunity, we know that babies are incredibly precocious and have a very strong desire for exploration and autonomy. While it is important to allow these characteristics to mature within a child so that they remain thirsty for knowledge and adventure, it is also important to ensure that some preventative measures are taken. While it is not practical to cover your home in bubble wrap, there are a number of things that you can do to help your child avoid suffering from a baby head injury. Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, can happen to anyone at anytime, so while babies are often referred to as being incredibly durable for their size and stature, they still require watchful supervision.

Preventative Measures Are Helpful

Since falls make up 35 percent of all traumatic brain injuries, it is important to consider where your child may be able to fall from. Many children who sleep in a crib will sometimes try to climb out, and while they are able to pull their bodies over the top of the crib, they are not always able to easily climb down. In order to avoid a fall from a crib that results in a baby head injury, make sure that you use a crib that has enough depth to prevent your child from climbing out. If they still have enough ingenuity to make an escape, make sure to listen closely to a baby monitor to ensure that they are sleeping and not attempting to climb out. Any time your child is engaged in play activities, make sure that you are taking part or closely supervising. This way, there is still the opportunity for exploration and for climbing, but a reduced risk of a fall taking place.

Community Support Is Valuable After a Traumatic Brain Injury

At TryMunity, we offer information and support for the families of loved ones who may have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, including those with a baby head injury. If you are in need of information and support from those who are familiar with traumatic brain injuries, join our online community.