Stats About Traumatic Brain Injuries That Will Surprise You

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When you or a loved one experiences a traumatic brain injury, your life will change in an instant. We certainly do not need to tell you that; this is, after all, a platform to share stories and experiences of life after a TBI. At TryMunity, we’re always looking for new information to share with you, and we think you may be surprised at some of the recent statistics about traumatic brain injury from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. These statistics represent important information to file away and keep in mind.

Falls Are Still the Leading Cause of TBI

Today, falls remain the leading TBI-causing accidents, and these falls can happen to anyone at any age. Falls are certainly not something that only impacts the elderly age group. In 2013, falls were responsible for 47% of TBI victims’ emergency visits, hospitalizations or deaths. In children ages 0-14, 54% of TBI-related hospitalizations, emergency visits or deaths were related to falls.

The Second Leading Cause

The second leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in 2013 (15% of emergency visits, hospitalizations or deaths) related to being struck by or against an object. This came as surprising; one would think that car-related incidents would be second, however, vehicle crashes represent the third leading cause of TBI today.

Over 2.8 Million TBI Cases

In the United States, there were over 2.8 million traumatic brain injury emergency visits, hospitalizations and deaths in the year 2013. That is an astronomical number alone, and does not take the rest of the world into account. In terms of the higher risk factors, the CDC’s report states that in both fatal and non-fatal TBI cases, the age group affected the most included people that were 75 and older. The number and wide variety of people affected sticks with us, and only further progresses our mission to create a large, meaningful community of TBI survivors.

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