Spring Into Safety: Toddler Head Injury Prevention

Toddler Head InjurySpring is around the corner and so are the scooters, skateboards and bikes that young children often love to play with as the weather warms. As children spend more time outside and do more physical activities, it is important to take safety precautions to prevent toddler head injury. At TryMunity, our goal is to educate about and support those affected by head injury.

Helmet Safety

Children are never too young for helmets. Whether they are riding a tricycle or pushing a scooter, young children need to wear a helmet. Toddlers may be at an even greater risk of head injury because they lack some of the motor coordination and strength that older children have. Some activities that require a helmet include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Biking
  • Skateboarding
  • Scooter riding
  • Rollerblading

Helmet safety also includes wearing a helmet properly. Ensuring a snug fit and secure chin straps helps to prevent a toddler head injury if a fall occurs.

Age-Appropriate Activities

Another toddler head injury prevention measure is to provide young children with activities that are age appropriate. Getting young children involved with activities that are designed for older children (e.g. playing on more advanced playground equipment, riding a motorized bike or scooter, etc.) could put them at risk for accidents.

Head injuries in children can be prevented. By taking a few simple safety precautions, the risks for head injures associated with physical play and activities can be managed. To learn more about head injuries or to join our TryMunity online social community, please visit our website at community.trymunity.com.