Signs that Your Recovery from a TBI Is Progressing

Recovery from a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be slow and extremely challenging. Depending on the individual and their particular injury, recovery can take anywhere from a few months to several years.

A large part of the recovery is centered on a person’s emotional healing. By monitoring the survivor’s state of mind, you can develop a deeper understanding of how they’re coping, and whether or not they’re making steps towards recovering.

Here are the most positive signs that your loved one is on the road to recovery.


  • They have stopped being overly confused. Initially, most TBI survivors seem extremely agitated and bewildered by what is happening. It’s as though they are stuck in a daze during the aftermath of the accident. This is a very difficult stage of recovery, but once it’s over, the person can truly start working towards leading an independent life.
  • They no longer deny that something is wrong. Many people are unwilling to immediately accept that their physical and mental health has changed. They may outright deny that they have any problems, or brush off their challenges as small issues. Once they stop doing that and start to actually accept their new state of life, they will find that they are moving towards recovery much quicker.
  • They are handling feelings of anger or depression. With such a traumatic event, depression is a very common symptom afterward. However, this can be treated by therapy and medications, and once a person learns to cope with their negative feelings, they’ll start to see more and more improvements.

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