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iStock_000013695021XSmall (2)While we like to give useful information in our blog posts, we also want to extend our ‘family’ of people looking for support, need support and just a space to just vent their thoughts and feelings. Going through any type condition can be very hard, but living with a Traumatic Brain Injury can be especially difficult, quite often, people just don’t realize just what it takes to be strong enough to live with any type of condition daily. Here at TryMunity, our members completely understand what you are going through, many of our members having already been through those difficult times.


Something that we learnt a long time ago is that ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’. While on the face of it, that could almost be construed as somewhat of a silly statement, but when thought about, it is a very powerful piece of knowledge. Any type of long term condition is usually met by panic, then an urge to find out all about the condition, all while trying to live with the condition. Time is short and the learning curve is steep.
It is said that many people learn as much about conditions through casual conversations as they do through ‘research’ on the internet (or any other knowledge base).


Imagine being surrounded by experts, sufferers and carers, all able to share their particular story and experience with you; you’ll get a much better understanding of the condition and how to cope with it. That is exactly what you’ll find as a member of TryMunity – a communal space, friendly, welcoming and supportive.

If you are caring for someone with a Traumatic Brain Injury, or have been diagnosed with such, join our community for free. Information, knowledge and support is what we do best.