Recover Outdoors — How to Find Safe Activities for TBI Survivors

The Basics of TBIs and the NFLIf you or a loved one is recovering from a traumatic brain injury (or, TBI), then you’re likely well-aware of the importance of finding safe outdoor activities. It can be tough to know what is and isn’t safe, and you’ll undoubtedly want to be extra-careful, no matter what. To help you determine some activities that you may like to do, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites – and where to find them:

  • Fishing is a great (and safe!) outdoor leisure activity for someone who has suffered a TBI. This is a fantastic way to be outdoors without sacrificing your health. To find fishing in your area, search for Facebook groups or Google fishing organizations in your area – there are lots of groups out there!
  • Horticulture Activities. Learning more about gardening, planting flowers, and other horticulture-minded activities are fabulous for TBI survivors. Check for local gardening classes in your area, or simply buy some plants and get started on your own.
  • Water Aerobics and Swimming. Water sports are low-impact, safe, and offer a great way for TBI survivors to get in some exercise. Find an outdoor pool, lake, or local swimming hole and make it a point to get in some swim time!

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