New Picture Book Explores Toddler Head Injury


Toddler Head InjuryTryMunity understands that parents have a difficult time talking to children about complex health concerns. Children understand what they can immediately see and feel. This makes discussing subjects such as toddler head injury, seizures and other conditions that exist below the skin’s surface a distinct challenge. Three new books are intended to help children, young adults, and parents make sense of complex medical concerns, specifically concerns related to epilepsy and head injuries.

Turning Health Into a Story

The Children’s Trust is an organization in the United Kingdom for children with brain injuries, their parents and family, and community members. This organization has released three new books about toddler head injury, acquired brain injury and related concerns.

The first book, “Heads Up Tim-Tron” is about a small robot who hurts his head. After his injury, Tim-Tron discovers that one of his circuit boards has stopped working. Children learn together with Tim-Tron that life after a head injury might require new routines but that these routines can help them feel better.

The second book is aimed at older readers. “Acquired Brain Injury – What’s Up With Trauma?” is about a team of superheroes that help a young woman understand her brain injury. This title is part of the Medikidz series of comic books.

“Acquired Brain Injury in Children: A Parent’s Guide” is the third new book from The Children’s Trust. This book empowers parents with answers to pressing questions about their children’s health and long term brain health. Filled with stories, this illustrated guide helps parents navigate the complex topic.

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