Improving Recovery Time for Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

Motor vehicle accidents, collisions, assaults, and falls can all result in a traumatic brain injury. At TryMunity, we’re here to help you realize that there is hope after one of these injuries changes your life. Recently, a new study revealed that the blue dye similar to the dye found in sports drinks, candy, and fabric may help improve the recovery time for those that have sustained a TBI.

The Power of Blue Dye

The damage directly following a brain injury that occurs as the brain attempts to heal within the skull is the most threatening to people that have suffered from traumatic brain injury. A recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health sought to discover whether the presence of the dye brilliant blue G could lead to blocking this immune response and prevent swelling in the days following a brain injury.

There are several benefits of using this blue dye to stop swelling in the brain after an injury. First, according to an investigator on the study, it’s clinically safe. And, it’s easy to store and relatively inexpensive. As far as the researchers can tell, the only side-effect it has had on the mice they are testing is that they temporarily take on a light blue hue.

We’re Here for You

Although many strides in traumatic brain injury research, like this study, are being taken, a complete cure doesn’t exist yet. If you suffered from a concussion or another type of brain injury and are having difficulties coping with the effects, join the TryMunity community today.