If I Can’t Donate Financially to TBI Research, How Else Can I Help?

Getting involved in the TBI communityFor many Americans, times have been tough financially. Financial strain can often prevent those who typically donate money to the causes they feel passionate about from doing so. However, there are many alternative options for those who want to give back to the TBI community but may not have the financial ability to do it.


Volunteering for local TBI organizations is a fantastic way to help without giving anything financially. Your time and energy are worth so much to organizations that often have minimal staff and often are in need of volunteer support! Some options for volunteering could include: assisting with clerical tasks, helping to design an organization’s website or message board, and contribute to promoting the organization’s events through posting flyers around the city or on social media. Whatever your skill set, TBI organizations are in need of your help!

Run for It (and Fundraise)

Fundraising is another great way to help out TBI organizations financially, without giving a dime! Although it takes some hard work, you will be surprised by the number of strangers who want to support individuals with TBI’s. One great way to start fundraising is to do a race or awareness walk. Individuals can donate money for each mile you are doing in the walk or run. This is a fantastic way of keeping yourself healthy and active, but also raising funds for a cause that you feel passionate about!

Give What You Can

Although times can be tough, even the smallest donation to TBI research is meaningful. No matter how you raise the funds, your commitment to TBI research will help thousands of families to learn more about TBI’s and also contribute to new and innovative treatments for those with TBI’s.

To find out more about how you can help the TBI community, visit trymunity.com