How Music Can Help Those with Severe Brain Injuries Recall Memories

In recent years, an important discovery has been made in the world of traumatic brain injury research: Scientists found that the use of popular music can help affected patients recall personal memories that they would otherwise struggle to remember. The question is, how does music help?

It’s been widely known for years that music can evoke important memories and emotions for all kinds of people, whether or not they have suffered a brain injury. Just like hearing a song from 10 years back can take you back to a specific age and place, listening to popular music in the wake of a brain injury can give memory a helping hand.

Although scents, discussion, and other tactics can be used to help evoke memories, scientists found that patients who listened to songs were far more likely to recall familiar places, people, and things than those who used other methods. The difference in recall is especially marked in those relying only on discussions about their memories.

It is thought that music stimulates autobiographical memories in a very specific and powerful way. Even people whose brains have been permanently altered or who suffer from amnesia might be able to remember more with music than without.

There is still much research to be done on music and how it triggers memories, but one thing is clear – popular songs can be used as a tool for people who struggle with memory, especially after a serious brain injury.

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