First Responder Needs Us to Respond to His Crisis – JP Perez Fundraiser

You may not have heard of JP Perez, but if you have been on TryMunity before you know about Mike Black, the website’s founder. Mike was in a horrific car accident where he was thrown from the vehicle and landed on his head causing a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Mike was not expected to survive, but he did. It was a long, hard road but the progress Mike has made up to the point is amazing. However, this progress would have never been possible without the quick thinking and skill of the first responder that attended to Mike as he lay on the ground after the accident. That First Responder’s name was JP Perez.

JP Perez saved Mike’s life, now it is our turn to help him!

JP has been battling a rare neuromuscular autoimmune disease for the last 3 years. The diagnoses itself did not come until after too many tests to count and now, due to the rare nature of the illness, the treatments are being done mostly by trial and error. These treatments are painful and the side effects too. The treatments are expensive and the treatment of the side effects continually add to the already skyrocketing costs, and that doesn’t include the cost of everything he needs to care for the actual disease. As you can imagine his medical costs are beyond belief, but you can help.

First responders risk their lives every day to save us.

What better way to say thank you to all of them then by helping one of them in need. One way to say Thank You to JP for risking his life to save others is to donate to the JP Perez’s GoFundMe Page. The money you donate will help JP and his family get through this incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Today you have the opportunity to help a first responder. Please donate now.

Go to the GoFundMe page now and help JP Perez today!