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Stems Cells Could Help Repair Brain Damage

Recently, researchers at the University of South Florida have found that stems cells may be able to help repair the brain after an injury. During their experiment, director Cesar Borlongan and his team used two groups of rats to test their theory. One group of rats, who had a traumatic brain injury, was given stem cells that were derived from bone marrow. The other group did not receive stem cell implants. After three months, the rats with the stem cell implants showed great improvement in their motor and neurological function. There was very little change in the control group. Researchers concluded that the stem cells created a “biobridge,” which brought the new cells to the place in the brain that needed repair. The bone marrow stem cells had been differentiated into neuron-like cells to start the healing process of the injured brain.

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Source: USF Health, “Stem cells help repair traumatic brain injury by building a ‘biobridge,’ USF researchers report,” Anne DeLotto Baier, Oct. 2, 2013