If you or someone you know has a traumatic brain injury (TBI), then you may want to support research causes. The more funding and attention TBI research gets, the faster scientists and researchers can better understand how to help people with TBI. Scientific research often takes a long time to manifest itself into a solution, but at events to support TBI research, you can help speed up the process and connect with other TBI survivors and supporters.

Here are some events near you that support TBI research.

Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

Hosted in Washington, D.C., this conference brings experts from all industries to discuss the latest advancements and challenges the TBI research community is facing. Researchers, clinicians, academics and government and military officials all convene to present their original findings and analysis, geared towards creating better ways of diagnosing patients, treating them and providing long-term care.

The next conference will be held on May 24-25.

Brain Injury Association of America Events

The Brain Injury Association of America has chapters in nearly every state, and almost every week, the association holds a number of interesting webinars to discuss different aspects of TBIs. While they do charge viewers to these webinars, you might learn a lot about TBI injuries and stay updated with the latest news and research. The webinars are all different so you can pick and choose which ones matter to you.

For a complete list of events, check out the Brain Injury Association’s events page.

Don’t forget, you can raise awareness and support TBI research in your own way. Some survivors will participate in charity runs or walks to support their causes. You and your family, friends and support group might get together to participate in one of these activities to raise money for a research cause you believe in.

You can find events near you that support TBI research and give to a good cause. For more support, don’t forget to check out our community at community.trymunity.com to get involved with other TBI survivors.