Daily Ways to Exercise Your Mind After a Brain Injury

Every year, millions of Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries that change their lives permanently. TBI’s can disrupt psychological functions and make socializing with others difficult, depending on the degree and form of injury.

Because so many TBI survivors struggle with normal cognitive functions, it’s important that they work to maintain their mental abilities in the wake of the injury. Daily training through exercises and tools can assist with memory, social skills, and more.

Here are three important kinds of training exercises for TBI survivors to engage with regularly if they want to improve their cognition and lead a mentally healthy life.

Reading Comprehension Quizzes

More often than not, people with traumatic brain injuries struggle with memory and reading. Therefore, keeping up with the plots of stories can be challenging. Encourage the TBI survivor to engage with short passages and quotes so that they continue to read and build memory pathways. Eventually, they may be able to finish regular sized books and keep up with more complicated storylines.

Card Games Based on Memory

Remember playing Go Fish and Old Maid as a kid? These were great ways to stimulate your young brain and build your memory, as well as strengthen your interpersonal abilities. TBI survivors might not be children, but while recovering from an injury, their brains do require more stimulation and training than the average adult’s. Challenge them to a few games each day to help them focus on simple skills.

Computer and Video Games

Modern technology can drastically improve a TBI survivor’s quality of life if they are able to utilize it. Smartphone apps, electronic notepads, computers, and even video game consoles can enhance their memories and encourage healing over time.

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