Common Treatments for Children with TBI

Child SleepingTraumatic Brain Injury can be a devastating injury for all involved, the patient, the family and relatives even the professionals providing care. Age has no regard to issue; people of all ages can suffer some sort of traumatic brain injury at any time in their life.

Everyone is different

Just as no two people are exactly the same, the effect and treatment for a brain injury can also be as different; different causes of injury can result in different effects and that in turn means different treatment.


At one point, it was considered general opinion that a child would always recover from a brain injury much faster and easier than an adult with similar injuries, this has now been proven to be opposite; children often take longer to recover completely, some never gaining their full functionality back.

Common treatments

These can range from psychosocial care & counseling, physical therapy, speech therapy, vision support, hearing support and occupational therapy.
For lesser injuries, treatment could involve plain medication, medical observation or hospitalization.

Whatever the treatment prescribed, it will be borne from many years of experience and study. Whilst we can’t possibly know everything there is to know about brain injury, modern medicine and technique allow us much more insight into the behaviour and patterns of people with traumatic brain injury, this means that any treatment prescribed has a much greater chance of working and helping the patient recover from what is undoubtedly, a life changing incident.

Coping with a brain injury as family, relative or friend can often lead to difficulties for the carer, something that has been recognized in numerous studies. Being part of a group that can help answer those questions, give you support and point you in the right direction for further sources of help can make a big difference in coping or not.

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