Could a Childhood TBI Have Long-Lasting Effects?

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Traumatic brain injury is a heartbreaking occurrence in a person’s life, and they can happen to anyone of any age. In such a short span of time, world’s change. Children are not immune, and unfortunately can be affected in their later life as they continue to develop. Contrary to popular belief that children can heal much easier than adults after a TBI, “…recent research demonstrates that the younger a child at the time of injury, the greater the possibility of long-term developmental challenges,” according to Brainline. A childhood traumatic brain injury can have lasting effects, both physically and cognitively.

Lasting Cognitive Challenges

The quote above was in correlation to the belief that young children who are affected by traumatic brain injury are able to recover much easier than adults with TBI do. But this is not the case, especially depending on how young the child is when they experience their accident. It can actually be much more complicated for children with traumatic brain injuries; their bodies are in constantly changing stages of development and their brains are not able to keep up at the same rate of maturation. For this reason, the true extent of cognitive challenges often will take some time to fully present themselves. The effects are always different from person to person, but the cognitive functions that may be impaired include: memory, ability to problem-solve, personality changes, and communicative abilities. Furthermore, as child TBI victims continue to age, there can be stalling periods in their behavioral and social development that can be a hindrance to establishing relationships and being able to hold employment.

Physical Challenges

There are many potential physical challenges your child may continue to deal with as they age. Physical challenges are largely related to the extent and severity of the accident that caused their traumatic brain injury. Common physical challenges of children who suffer traumatic brain injuries can include: trouble with their balance, motor skills and coordination, paralysis, seizures, and continuous fatigue.

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