Caring for a Child with a TBI

Toddler Head InjuryHaving a child with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be an overwhelming experience. After the initial injury, you and your child will face many new challenges, but there are ways to improve the adjustment period.

Have Patience

You will need to be extremely patient with your child as they heal and deal with new challenges. If your child has memory impairments, you may have to answer the same questions often and your child may have difficulty adjusting to environments and people they don’t remember. Both cognitive and physical skills may not be the same as they were before the injury. With a lot of nurturing and patience, many children with TBI show improvement in compromised functions.

Be Aware of Emotional Needs

Changes in your child’s affect can also be a challenge. Depending on the extent of a TBI and the specific area of the brain that was affected, your child may have changes in their mood and behavior. Your child may also experience anxiety or depression due to their injury. They may be sad or frustrated if the injury has changed their appearance or their abilities. You need to be sensitive to their mood and also recognize that professional help can be important in managing their feelings.

Learn Balance

You need to be a source of encouragement as your child overcomes many difficulties and finds ways to adapt. The right balance between being over-protective of your child and pushing them too hard is also important. It is easy to be over-protective of your child when you want to protect them. Your child’s doctors are an excellent resource for determining their physical and cognitive limitations at each stage going forward. Pushing your child too hard can cause them to give up or feel like they are a disappointment.

We’re Here To Help!

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