Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Worsen Over Time?

Graphic of the human brain. TryMunity

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The immediate aftermath of a traumatic brain injury can easily be the most challenging and physically taxing time of a person’s life. Afterward, the extensive prescribed treatment and physical therapy for your injury takes time, but ultimately aims to result in gradual improvement. However, there are aspects of TBI that may not improve as a survivor ages, and in fact may worsen, depending on a person’s specific injury severity. It is especially important to always note any changes physically or behaviorally, and visit your doctor regularly.

What Was the Cause of Your Injury?

Depending on a multitude of factors, the nature of the accident that caused your traumatic brain injury will be a determinant of whether or not your sustained injuries can worsen. This is because the initial depth of the accident may cause lasting brain damage, especially if you experienced an open-head injury. Every person’s case is different because everyone’s accident was different; no two people will experience the same amount of force to their head or identical events that will guarantee them to recover in the same way. One person’s condition may worsen and another’s may not for a million possible reasons.

Aging May Be the Most Significant Reason

As a person with a traumatic brain injury ages, the worsening of their condition could be due to the more rapid degeneration of brain cells. As people age, they become more fragile. Fragility is especially a concern for those TBI survivors whose walking abilities were affected after the injury – there is a greater risk of falling and injuring themselves further. New injuries are one of the major reasons that traumatic brain injuries can worsen. Additionally, health events like new medical conditions, a stroke, a seizure, and others are all reasons that TBIs can become exacerbated instead of continuing to get better.

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