Best Memory Games to Exercise and Challenge Your Brain

brain injury supportWhen it comes to sharpening your brain power and memory, there are certain games and apps out there that can be very helpful. Even for those of us who haven’t been afflicted with a traumatic brain injury, many medical experts recommend keeping your brain sharp with exercises – just as you do for your body! Here are some of our personal favorites memory games & apps for challenging your brain:

  • Lumosity (iPhone users only). Lumosity is a fantastic app for improving your memory and attention span, in addition to your problem-solving skills. This app was actually designed by a group of neuroscientists, and has a plethora of exercises (name-face recognition, spatial tasks, etc.) to exercise your brain. Check it out!
  • Brain Workout (Android users only). We love Brain Workout! This is an excellent app that’s both easy to use and full of fun mini-games. You can even select different difficulty levels, if you want a true challenge. We’d recommend Brain Workout to just about anyone who wants to improve their memory and cognitive skills, in no time.
  • Peak is one of the most popular brain challenge activities out there, for a reason. This Android/iPhone app has a collection of tons of effective mini-games and brain workouts.

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