Benefits of Wearing a Helmet

iStock_000010585318XSmallWhether you are biking, rollerblading or driving a motorcycle, wearing a helmet is instrumental in reducing your likelihood of mild or serious head injuries. Here are a few reasons you should wear a helmet:

Keep Minor Injuries Minor

Even seemingly minor head injuries can escalate into life-threatening head injuries and can cause long-term brain damage. When you wear a helmet, you reduce the likelihood that a minor bump on the head could turn into a serious brain bleed. Even small amounts of jarring motion from certain activities can adversely affect your brain. A high-quality helmet will help with shock absorption and can reduce minor coup-contra coup injuries and concussions.

Reduce Serious Injuries

The shock absorption purpose of a helmet is invaluable in major accidents. In some cases, the helmet may prevent major fractures in your skull or swelling of the brain. It is important to not only wear a helmet, but to buy a high-quality helmet. Poor quality helmets provide little or no protection in major accidents and may simply break, instead of absorbing most of the impact. Equally important is having a helmet designed for the specific activity and it should fit properly. Remember children and adults need different size helmets.

It’s Just Good Practice

The more you wear a helmet during potentially dangerous activities, the more you will be accustomed to wearing your helmet. You should reach a point when wearing your helmet is just part of the experience and comes to you automatically. If you are an adult, wearing your helmet is one way to be a good role model for your children and other adults. It is always important to lead by example.

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