5 Things NOT to Say to Someone Recovering From a TBI

brain injury supportDo you know someone who has suffered from a traumatic brain injury? If so, it can be difficult to know what to say. However, here are five things NOT to say to someone who has been afflicted with a TBI:

  1. “Maybe you should be more active.” Often, especially in the days and weeks just after recovery, a person with a TBI may demonstrate signs of being sluggish and apathetic. But, this is far from being abnormal.
  2. “Maybe your problem is that you take too many medications.” Blaming anything on medications is never a good idea. Why? Because you’re not a doctor, and by blaming meds for anything, you could stop someone from taking an important drug prematurely.
  3. “I will do that for you.” Encouraging the TBI survivor in your life to do things on his or her own is crucial. Regaining independence is a vital part of the recovery process!
  4. “You should just be grateful that you’re alive.” Telling someone that they’re lucky to be alive and that they should just be grateful is not helpful — for anyone.
  5. “You seem perfectly okay to me.” There are many, many invisible signs of  the TBI recovery process. By telling someone they seem okay when they aren’t feeling that way will only lead to hurt feelings.

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