5 Reasons to Seek Out a TBI Support Group

TBITraumatic brain injuries are a serious health problem in the population at large – each year, nearly 1.7 million people are estimated to be affected by brain injuries (whether traumatic or not). And yet, unfortunately, there’s still a dearth of collective knowledge, and even conversation, surrounding this issue. People simply don’t talk about it, and the media is even less inclined to focus on the true extent of brain injuries.

When such a large percentage of the population is affected with something so life-altering, it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to disseminate awareness and education amongst our communities – after all, chances are that you know and love someone who’s struggling with a traumatic brain injury (or TBI).

One of the best ways to become more aware and educated on the issues surrounding traumatic brain injuries is to join a support group! Here are the top five reasons to seek out a TBI support group.

  • Brain injuries can be inherently isolating, and it can help to have a community afterwards.
  • Family members and friends can become more educated about what the TBI survivor in their lives has gone through.
  • Education is a critical part of the advocacy process, by which survivors can build awareness and acceptance in their lives.
  • Building a support network is important during this time.
  • Knowledge is power!

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