3 Stories of Surviving (and Thriving) with a TBI

sg18-202290There are many causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and each degree of severity and cause comes with its own challenges. As a community, it helps to share and support each other as we go through our own journey. Here are three great stories about people’s experiences with TBI and how they are thriving now.

Mary L.

Mary L. experienced a traumatic brain injury while cheering for her university. During the infamous pyramid move, she was the girl on the top left of the formation. She had three stories of bodies below her when the pyramid collapsed. She fell head first into the ground. She remembers the feeling of her skull bouncing off of the ground. While she bravely shook it off, she soon had a throbbing headache. She brushed off the headache as a consequence but since she did not go unconscious, she believed things were ok. A few months later, she began having seizures and found she had suffered a TBI. After a few years, she is now off all seizure medication and has learned to spot symptoms and manage treatment. Mary aspires to be a chef and has already made a name for herself in her college town by cooking in a prestigious local restaurant and having one of her dishes permanently placed on the menu.

Chris A.

Chris’ TBI occurred in the course of his birth. He suffered a major stroke and had no fine motor control and diminished sensation on his right side. He suffered with seizures until he was seven years old. Chris adapted by trying new ways of doing day-to-day tasks with one hand. He struggled with keeping his right side out of harms way since he could not feel when he was burned or cut. With advocating parents, he attended physical therapy and pushed himself to accomplish so much in life. Chris graduated from law school in 2012 and is working as a legal mediator.

Frank M.

Frank was 41 when he was involved in a severe car accident. He suffered an open skull fracture in which a quarter-sized hole of his skull was missing. His brain was exposed and visible. While this scene looked gruesome, it was the skull fracture that saved his life. His brain was given the room to swell and he suffered no long-term brain damage. Frank still does not remember what happened that day but has made a full and complete recovery. After two years, he was able to return to his job as an airline pilot.

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